Avatars of Rhannoch

Its No Shame when Shadows are Involved

You have braved the ruined Castle of Dun Eamon and below it the dungeon none as Shame. With the retrieval of the Stone of Compassion, you were visited by a vision of Mystaria. While her bounds are loosened by your completion of four of the stones, she still is unable to be free, but she was able to bestow upon you a blessing.

As you returned to Valinor, there was a note from the King sent to you. It informed you of a feast in your honor to be held the next night. As the feast ended, the King spoke. He praised you good name and spoke of a naming ceremony where by you would shed your earth name and take on that befit the land. In doing so, you heard a deep, majestic male voice in your head. He offered you a blessing or a gift as well, but who was he?

Suddenly, the hall went dark and three Shadowlords entered, thanking you for freeing them, but you do not remember doing so. As suddenly they appeared they then vanished and along with them, the King!

They spoke of when Shadow’s fall and that is when Maesene Christier spoke up. As head of the Kingdoms “intelligence” service, she spoke to you and asked you to help find the King as Shadow’s Fall, a long forgotten and used, “accounting house” on an island in the middle of the city. She lead you them then said the only way in is through the sewers.

Yuck! Such is the life of an adventurer.



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