After the sundering of the lands of Rhannoch from the terrible Terrasque, a new Age has begun, the Age of Enlightenment. The lands flourish, kingdoms rebuild and Valinor, the Jeweled City and capital of the most powerful Kingdom has a new King and with it, new hope.

But something seems amiss these days. Arcane and Clerical Power is waning and no one have been able to figure out why. Magic still works, just not as well as it always has. The most powerful spells refuse to work and even the lowest of spells sometimes fail or create unwanted effects. The Clerics of the land still hear the voices of the gods, yet their power too is on the downside.

In the absence of the gods a new religion has appeared and they only worship one god and he asks nothing from them, so they say, except to help others. The Fellowship, as they call themselves, have spread like wildfire across the Kingdom of Valinor and across the lands itself.

In the land of Earth, there is a calling, a dream some might even say, to certain individuals and as they sleep this fateful night, a voice cries out to them.

As you fall asleep you feel as if you are awake but not awake, perhaps you are having a waking dream but for whatever is going on, you feel the most rested you have ever felt.

You find yourself in a small clearing in the middle of the woods. The moon is full and bright, seemingly closer than it should be; the sky is the darkest of night. You feel strongly calm yet out of time or space. In the distance you hear a faint voice, “Save me …” It is a female voice yet it is something more, something powerful, and something you are sure no mortal is meant to hear.

As you look around you now notice a covered wagon off in a short distance that you are quite sure was not there before. You approach the wagon and go up the steps in the back leading to the interior of the wagon. As you push the curtain away, there is an old woman sitting there, with a deck of cards before her, she says, “Hello stranger, I have been waiting for you for a very long time, please sit, let us discuss your destiny.” With that, she shuffles the cards and places the deck on the table. She looks directly at you and flips two cards, “Let us begin …”

Avatars of Rhannoch

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